Keeping our pet healthy and safe anywhere – at home or out of it – is a concern to all pet owners, especially if we have just acquired a new puppy or kitten.

Recently, I received an email from a lady who had just bought a new puppy and was looking for more information on how to look after him properly. In her online search, she came across my website which contains lots of advice about pet health and safety anywhere – whether in the home or out of it, and her email was primarily to thank me, saying how informative it was, and that many of the articles were relevant to her situation of getting a new puppy. Happy me! Thank you Sandra.


pet health and safety


In her search, Sandra said she had come across another website which contained a page all about pet health and safety, and their well-being  which she also found very helpful, and worth sharing.
The article talks about what kind of food we are feeding our pets, how safe our home is for them, the dangers of poisonous plants, safety in our backyards, at the park or when traveling, and the fact that not all toys are pet-safe.

I think any information that gives advice on pet health and safety or how to look after our pets, helps to make us better pet owners – and quite often, we come across something new that we didn’t know before.


Safe Stars Website

The site is actually about the safety and well being of kids, teens and adults through education, support and guidance, but it has a separate page all about the safety and well being of pets; I found it very informative because it discusses everything we all need to know to keep our pets safe and healthy both in the home and when we are out and about with them – and the information is all in one place!

The article is definitely worth checking out, just click below to continue reading.


Pet Safety – A Review of Pet Safety at Home and Out of Town