Photography 101 : Connect
Day 6

In this age of social media, the word “connect” is used all the time – through the magic of the Internet, we can connect with each other on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. We connect with each other via email, telephone, Skype, or simply by having a meal with someone, and we even connect with our pets.

connect with nature, rainbow lorikeet

Connect with nature

I found this Rainbow Lorikeet waddling around in my garden on the pathway and when I approached him, he didn’t make any effort to fly away. He didn’t look quite right and as I put my hand out to touch him, he stepped onto my finger! Something was seriously wrong because he couldn’t fly. My next door neighbour is a wildlife carer and she offered to look after him. When I went to see him the following day, my neighbour told me he had died during the night. So sad, but at least we tried.

onnect via the phone

Connect via the phone

We also connect with our fellow bloggers every time we publish a post.

There are many ways to interpret this theme – what’s yours?